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Our experts have been serving the Buffalo area for over 25 years with their expertise, great quality, and customer service.

Pattern-stamping is used where stamping or impressing 3D patterns into colored concrete using specialized tools designed to create a multitude of effects. Including but not limited to brick, cobblestone, slate, tile and even wood grain. The cost for stamped concrete is remarkably less than that of the materials used for other processes such as cobblestone or brick and comes in a multitude of colors and designs.
Compared to wood the durability is ten-fold. No painting, staining or replacing rotted planks or posts. No fading from sun exposure.
We combine craftsmanship with customer service to give our clients complete satisfaction.
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Concrete Works has been providing 20 years of architecture and design experience to concrete business in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. We focus our attention on the needs of the customer and provide a design which provides superb craftsmanship.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, our dedication to detail, and our customer service. We focus on installing on both existing and new concrete utilizing the latest technologies in the decorative, stamped and epoxy overlay.
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Enjoy Low Maintenance

Enjoy The Beauty Of Stamped Concrete From All-American Great Patterns And Colors.
• Your Outdoor Surfaces
• Less Expensive than Wood or Trex Decking
• More Durable Than Pavers
• Barefoot Comfort Year-Round


A finished stamped concrete surface from Chameleon Concrete is the most durable and beautiful surface that money can buy. Our trusted technicians are expert in all things concrete. Let us transform your home into something that you and your family will cherish for years to come.


Stamped Concrete adds aesthetic beauty to your home. Why settle for ordinary when you could have extraordinary. Having a stamped concrete patio or walkway adds lasting value to your home.

Give us a call to learn about our Stamped Concrete Process. Cheaper than concrete pavers and cobblestone, Stamped Concrete is the cost effective alternative that will upgrade the beauty of your patios, walkways, or pool surrounds.

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» Stamped Concrete
» Insulated Concrete
» Patios
» Pool Decks
» Driveways
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